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Opportunities in mature provinces

...the North Sea and beyond!
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Wednesday, February 21, 2018
The Geological Society

Mature Provinces like the North Sea can offer significant opportunities for innovative companies in a low oil or gas price world - much infrastructure has already been built and the location of the great majority of resources/reserves is known.

In addition to ensuring that such infrastructure does not disappear in some decommissioning ‘rush’, some topics that need to be integrated, ‘joined up’, are:

  • The large amounts of data that exists in such provinces that can be used to optimise future performance. Where is it, who owns it?
  • The existence of ‘marginal’ discoveries; there are reportedly (according to the OGA) over 300 of these in the UKCS alone, for example.
  • The availability of low cost development schemes, for example “Minimum Facilities”, which can be tied in to existing infrastructure.
  • Late Life Field Management, including cost reduction, automation, EOR….
  • The Carbon Capture and Storage opportunity, to use abandoned fields and facilities.

We welcome offers of presentations on this topic for our February Finding Petroleum event.
Just drop me an e-mail……

David Bamford


8:30 Welcome & Introduction: followed by SESSION 1:
9:30 Speaker from -
Oil company

10:00 Speaker from -
Oil company

10:30 Speaker from -
Oil company

11:00 Coffee & Tea; Exhibits
11:30 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

11:30 Session 2
12:30 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

13:00 Lunch & Exhibits, followed by SESSION 3:
13:30 Speaker from -
Oil company

14:00 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

14:30 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

15:00 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

15:30 Close

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