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How to digitalise exploration

Focus on satellite imagery and machine learning
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Thursday, November 21, 2019
The Geological Society

Oil and gas companies are saying they are keen to bring more digitalisation into their exploration - this event explores specific ways to do it. Two technologies we anticipate focussing on are machine learning and satellite imagery.

Satellite imagery - there have been big advances in the availability and resolution of satellite images over the past few years - and companies are exploring now how they can use it in exploration. You may be able to detect seeps and land slippage, and you may be able to use it to plan seismic surveys

Machine learning - this is not one technology, but perhaps better seen as a working approach which can be applied in different ways. In the subsurface domain, companies use it to spot patterns in how data attributes relate between seismic and well data, as a pathway to better seismic inversion, so long as they have enough data available. They can also use it to map out geobodies in a seismic volume, and track well log data to different facies

We previously ran this event in November 2018
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9:30 Welcome & Introduction: followed by SESSION 1:
9:40 Speaker from -
Oil company

10:15 Speaker from -
Oil company

10:50 Coffee & Tea; Exhibits
11:20 Speaker from -

DigitalGlobe is a leading provider of commercial high-resolution Earth observation and advanced geos
11:55 Speaker from -
Flare Solutions Limited

Flare Solutions Limited is a global information management consulting and services company, celebrat
12:30 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

13:00 Lunch & Exhibits, followed by SESSION 3:
14:00 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

14:45 Speaker from -
Oil company

15:20 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

15:55 Close

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Chairman's introduction
by Julian Pickering from Geologix Systems Integration Ltd

"Good cross section of O&G business interests. Well prepared clear presentation material. Openness of all participants."

John Cryan (Consultant)


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