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Transforming offshore operations with digital technology

Doing more with engineering data, machinery data, asset integrity data, safety data, production data
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Tuesday, November 27, 2018
Norwegian Petroleum Museum

Finding Petroleum / Digital Energy Journal's Stavanger 8th Autumn forum on November 27 looks at how digital technology can do more to help manage offshore operations, including preparation / management of engineering data, machinery, asset integrity, safety and production.

Companies are generating large amounts of data, but working out how to use it to drive better decision making can be hard.

One approach is to start with a model of what you want to achieve, and then build the software and sensors around it, rather than start with data and then try to work out what to do with it. Is that a viable approach?


We are interested to hear from companies who have interesting technologies and approaches which can help improve offshore operations with digital technology. To discuss further please contact Karl Jeffery on Please note the business model for this event is for free delegate tickets but covering the costs with financial contributions from service companies speaking at the event

Download the report from our 2017 event, including attendees list


9:30 Welcome & Introduction: followed by SESSION 1:
9:40 Speaker from -
Oil company

10:15 Dr Duncan Irving - Practice Partner, oil and gas

Duncan Irving is the Oil & Gas Consulting Team Lead, EMEA & APAC with Teradata. Duncan joined Teradata from the University of Manchester where he instructed in geophysical interpretation and geocomputational methods for the last seven years. He was involved in consulting and research projects involving user interactions with massive subsurface datasets and more general upstream data management, and he continues to maintain research links as an honorary lecturer. One long term project was with Teradata and he drove the development of Teradata's capabilities in the Upstream Oil and Gas area. This time provided him with a deep understanding of the capabilities of Teradata and how they can best be used in the petroleum industry.
He is a geophysicist and also has a PhD in glacial geophysics and geotechnical engineering (why frozen ground moves faster during climate warming and how this affects infrastructure). Duncan lives in the hills outside Manchester with his wife and three children. He is a mountaineer, fell runner and is a card-carrying member of the CAMpaign for Real Ale.

Teradata is the world's largest company solely focused on creating enterprise agility through databa
10:50 Coffee & Tea; Exhibits
11:20 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

11:55 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

12:30 Speaker from -
Technology / service company

13:00 Lunch & Close

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