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Developments with Reservoir Exploitation

How geologists and geophysicists are applying their toolkit to improving oil and gas production
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Tuesday, June 6, 2017
The Geological Society

In our June 6 event in London, we are going to look at the ways that geologists and geophysicists are applying their toolkit to help find ways to improve production from known reservoirs (rather than explore).

This includes doing more with the combination of 3D seismic + logs + core + fluid analyses - doing a lot more with 4D seismic/permanent reservoir monitoring and down-hole technologies.

There are technologies and methods coming on the market to help to this. We hope to hear from some of them at the conference.

G+G people are figuring out how Machine Learning/Analytics can help us understand our reservoirs better: my summary would be letting the masses of data we acquire 'speak' rather than interposing over-simplistic models.

There are tools to help get a better understanding of the broader geological picture, using play fairway analysis, basin and regional scale analysis, or analysing the whole world, or bringing in structural understanding.

There are tools to gather geographically indexed data together much better (GIS).

There are tools and methods to integrate different types of subsurface data better - including gravity and electromagnetics with seismic.

There are tools to track uncertainty in seismic data through the process.

There are services to make a better financial analysis of whether the subsurface data is pointing towards an economic field developing option.

There are better data analytics services for subsurface data, and a number of different kinds.

There are cloud based geoscience services, which can potentially connect G+G professionals with much more computing power and data, without complex software and workstations on their desks.

There are advances in computers and microchips which can compute much faster, crunching through much larger data sets, of which there are many in the subsurface world.

There are much better ways to bring data gathered from the well to improve reservoir understanding. This includes both downhole tools and in-well fibre optics, which can provide useful information to both the production and the subsurface departments.

There are companies doing much more to link reservoir knowledge with field development planning and drilling - and link reservoir knowledge with production. Of course this information exchange should go both ways - knowledge developed during field development, drilling and production knowledge should inform the reservoir.

The future of the UKCS relies in good part on the successful development of marginal discoveries - see OGA's recent review. These leave no room at all for error.


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