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The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd

The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd was established in early 2014 with the intention of initiating the first offshore steam flood in Europe. The company participated in the 28th Seaward Licensing Round and in November 2014 was awarded blocks 21/27a and 28/2a under Promote Licence P2244. In December 2015 the company entered into a sale and purchase agreement with EnQuest Britain Ltd to acquire blocks 28/2b and 28/3b, which comprise Licence P1996, the transfer of this interest remains subject to Oil and Gas Authority approval.

Steve Brown - CEO
Steve Brown is a founder and the CEO of The Steam Oil Production Company Ltd. He is a petroleum engineer with over thirty years of experience. He has a degree in Chemical Engineering from Peterhouse, Cambridge and started his career as a petrophysicist with BP. At BP he worked on Forties Bravo and the development of Harding and Andrew as well as in BP's corporate planning department. He has also w
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