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Sasol Exploration and Production International

Sasol Exploration and Production International (SEPI) develops and manages the group's upstream interests in oil and gas exploration and production in Mozambique, South Africa, Canada, Gabon and Australia.

SEPI is driving the development of Sasol's upstream business to allow the group to meet its strategic objective of accelerating the growth of its proprietary gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology. In recent years we have taken a number of steps to expand our global upstream portfolio, encouraged by the global abundance of natural gas and the rapid development of the shale gas industry, as well as the lower carbon intensity of natural gas. We are investing in ventures ranging from onshore and offshore conventional and unconventional shale and tight gas.

Stephen Trueblood - Commercial Manager
Stephen is a Commercial Manager at Sasol Petroleum International responsible for Southern Africa. In a previous life he was an exploration geologist for Murphy, Hamilton Brothers and BHP and retains a keen interest in the petroleum geology side of the business.
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Peter Manoogian - VP International E&P

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Stephen Trueblood - Commercial Manager, New Ventures

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Darran Lucas - Exploration and New Ventures Director

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Ian Hutchinson - Advisor – Geodynamics and Tectonics. Business Development (Exploration)

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