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Richmond Energy Partners was founded in 2006 and provides independent advice to investors in smaller oil and gas companies. It provides advice to some of the largest funds and institutions investing in oil and gas. Dr Myers has a Phd from Imperial College, London and joined BP as a geologist in 1987, eventually becoming senior commercial advisor at BP in 1996, leading negotiations for new business access for BP in Angola and in its strategic alliance with Statoil.

Dr Keith Myers - Founding Partner
After completing a Ph. D. at Imperial College, Keith joined BP in 1987 as a geologist. Following a variety of technical roles, he became a Senior Commercial Advisor in 1996 when he led several major negotiations for new business access as well as Business Strategies for BP’s business in West Africa and BP’s Strategic Alliance with Statoil. Since 2000 Keith has been an advisor to numerous energy co
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Alastair Bee -
After completing a Ph. D. in geochemistry at Imperial College Alastair joined BP in 1973 as a geologist. In a 30 year career with BP, he held a number of posts in technical and team leadership, and held senior managerial positions in the UK, Middle East, South East Asia and Australasia. Alastair also held several business management positions including a period in Strategic Planning in BP’s Head O
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Deepwater, increasingly Onshore....Mexico, Myanmar, Russia, Kurdistan and more!
14 May 2013

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Using digital technology to make it easier to work out how to optimise production
by Joe Chesak from Fablabs AS

"The well-planned order of the high quality presentations, which followed a logical flow, allowing speakers to build directly on what was said in previous talks, greatly enhancing the overall value."

Christian Bukovics (Cygnus Energy Ltd)


Investing in North Sea projects and technology
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London, 11 Jun 2020