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Rajant Corporation is the provider of the world's most reliable, scalable and flexible portable wireless network technology. Through the combination of Rajant BreadCrumb wireless devices and InstaMesh meshing software, wireless networks can be created that can support hundreds of moving nodes without crippling the network with overhead. By preserving valuable bandwidth for communications, a Rajant network also unlocks higher levels of productivity and speed than other available solutions.

Rajant technology is designed for the most demanding applications. From military and mining operations to first responders and municipalities, Rajant is the ideal choice for ultra-resilient networks that are equally adept in everyday situations and in times of crisis. Rajant also provides its technology to service providers and manufacturers who are looking to bring Rajant's quality of network solutions to their customers.

Gary S. Anderson - Sr vice president
Gary Anderson's background includes several high-tech business startups, including the founding of AEI, where he served as President and CEO, and the Director of Sales at Vivato. Selling AEI in 2001, he was subsequently nominated by the Bush Administration to serve as the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. However, after September 11, 2001, he withdrew his nomination and
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