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PGI is a privately owned UK business offering integrated, intelligence-led risk management solutions. PGI specialise globally in the secure protection of our clients' assets: human, physical, legal, intellectual property, financial and operational.

Jamie Main - Director of Corporate Development

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Ryan Turner - Lead Analyst with PGI's Geo-political Risk Team
Ryan Turner is a Lead Analyst for PGI’s Geopolitical Intelligence team, with strong focus in the extractive industry and expertise in the Middle East. Ryan has expert knowledge of the global Oil & Gas Sector, as well as economic, political and security developments in the Middle East. He also has an understanding of the impact of political risk on the global energy market. Ryan has shared his view
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Tom Bacon - Intelligence Director

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Arthur Snell - Managing Director, Intelligence
Arthur was in the UK’s foreign service for 16 years in a variety of intelligence and diplomatic roles. This work took him to some of the world’s most challenging environments including Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. From 2011-2014 he was Britain’s Ambassador to Trinidad & Tobago where he worked to support a range of major UK oil and gas companies as well as other significant inwar
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Speaker from -

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The Eastern Mediterranean
....the gas "sweet spot" in the East!
13 Dec 2017

Finding Oil in Central & South America
....needs to be on our radars!
17 Oct 2017

Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa diversity, opportunity!
19 Sep 2017

Finding Petroleum Opportunities In The Middle East
How companies are finding opportunities in Iraq, Lebanon / Israel / Cyprus triangle - Saudi Arabia
16 May 2017

North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean
Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Cyprus, Israel
12 Dec 2016

Finding Oil in Mexico and the Caribbean
What are the opportunities for exploration and production in Mexico, Jamaica, the Caribbean?
21 Oct 2016

Finding Petroleum Opportunities In Iran
There's plenty of oil in Iran, and gas too - but building a business is complex
19 May 2016

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Welcome and Introduction
by David Bamford from Finding Petroleum

"The broad range of subjects presented and the opportunity to discuss key aspects with interested parties."

Robert Trice (Hurricane Energy)


Finding Oil and Gas in Sub Saharan Africa

London, Sept 19, 2017

Where are the exploration hot-spots - and where is progress being made with developing the industry?