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PGS is a dedicated marine geophysical company. We provide images and 3D models of the subsurface that oil companies use to find oil and gas reserves. Our business is technology driven and we offer a broad range of seismic, electromagnetic and reservoir services, including acquisition, imaging, reservoir characterisation, interpretation and field evaluation. The PGS MultiClient seismic library is among the largest and most modern in the industry. Around 60% of the 2D data and almost 30% of all 3D data has been acquired with GeoStreamer®, the industry's first true broadband marine seismic system. The result is subsurface images of greater clarity, accuracy and reliability.

Tom Ziegler - Vice President MultiClient Portfolio

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Eivind Fromyr - Chief Geophysicist

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Jennifer Greenhalgh - Principal Geoscientist
Jenny has an MSc and PhD in micropalaeontology, from UCL. She has 11 years of industry experience, all gained in the service sector, including 7 years with the Reservoir group at PGS. She has worked as a general geologist in areas such as the North Sea, Egypt and the Gulf of Thailand. For the past 5 years she has been a West Africa specialist.
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Craig Koch - Senior Geoscientist
Craig has an MSci in geology from UCL, and an MPhil in Palaeoceanography and Micropalaeontology from Bangor University. He has 6 years of industry experience, all gained from the service sector, including 1 year as a geoscientist in the Reservoir group at PGS and 5 years as a geologist and Neftex. He has worked as a general geologist in the Black Sea and Caspian regions, as well as the Mediterrane
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Øystein Lie - Project Manager MC Middle East and CIS
Graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia with a MSc. in Exploration Geophysics in 1998. Employed by PGS and has worked in different positions. Started in the Data Processing department in 1999 and moved into the MultiClient department in 2007. Currently he is Project Manager for the Middle East and CIS group based in the headquarters of PGS in Oslo. Øystein has been involved in an
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Patrick Coole - Geoscientist
Patrick has an undergraduate degree in Geography and Geology from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience from Imperial College. Patrick has worked over a number of regions during a career spanning 6 years. Over the past 2 years Patrick has worked for PGS solely on their Africa projects on the geological interpretation of datasets across the margin.
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Joshua May - Sales and Marketing Manager
After four years working offshore for PGS Joshua joined a high tech start up to manage a project undertaking the design and manufacture of AUVs specified to deliver 4C sensors autonomously to the seafloor for use in hydrocarbon exploration. Returning to PGS after two years, Joshua spend three years in the Marine Contract Africa business unit before taking on his current position as Sales and Marke
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Cyrille Reiser - Reservoir Characterisation Director
Technical competences:
- Seismic data pre-conditioning
- Basic Petrophysical Interpretation
- Time Interpretation (mainly stratigraphic interpretation)
- AVO Analysis
- Seismic inversion (deterministic and stochastic)
- Litho/Fluid prediction
- Seismic anisotropy estimation
- Pore Pressure Prediction

Specialties:Management, Technical supervision, Sales and
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Simon Baer - Project Geoscientist
Simon holds a Master of Science with specialization in applied geophysics from RWTH Aachen, Germany and wrote his Master’s Thesis at the Schlumberger Research Center in Stavanger, Norway. Simon is also an alumnus of the University of Cape Town, South Africa where he gained a Bsc (Hon.) in geology. Simon joined the PGS Reservoir department in 2011. In the previous two years he has worked exclusivel
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Tony Martin - Regional Principal Geophysicist
Tony has over 20 years industry experience from both contractors and operators, having worked in various locations around the world. In his role as Principal Geophysicist at PGS he supports the Imaging & Engineering department within the EAME/CIS region

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Tony Bell - Area Geophysicist
Tony has over 25 years of experience gained within the seismic discipline, with roles covering both data acquisition and processing, working for both research organisations and contractors. The last 17 years have been focussed on the supervision of depth imaging projects from the major marine oil provinces throughout the world. His current position as Area Geophysicist at PGS involves supporting t
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Matthew Pyett - Project Geoscientist, New Ventures - Africa, Mediterranean & Middle East

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Mark Hamilton - Senior Geophysicist

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