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Headquartered in Houston, OFS Portal, LLC is a member-based group of industry-leading upstream oil and gas suppliers and service providers whose objective is to be at the forefront of global eCommerce processes in the oilfield. OFS Portal delivers cost-effective ways to make eCommerce a reality for both oil companies and oilfield service companies and works with global standards organizations to converge or develop open and non-proprietary eCommerce standards for use in the upstream oil and gas industry. We have a non-profit objective to provide Members with cost-savings, and help share the risks. For the oil companies in our community, OFS Portal's services reduce the risks associated with eCommerce.

We think you'll like what you see here and hope you'll contact us if you have questions or are interested in joining the OFS Portal community.

Have sponsored the following events

How to digitalise operations
Maintenance, purchasing, asset management and decommissioning
13 Nov 2019

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Panel discussion and Q&A (from moderator & audience)
by Gardiner Hill from CCSA & BP

"The contextual aspects to re-engagement in new market."

Frederic Yeterian (Philax Resources)


Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
discoveries offshore Egypt, big interest in Cyprus and developments in Israel, Lebanon
London, 20 Sep 2019