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Hannon Westwood

Hannon Westwood has been advising the oil and gas industry for over 15 years, offering a wide-range of UKCS intelligence and business development services underpinned by a team of experts and proprietary data systems.

Hannon Westwood was founded in 1993 by partners Jim Hannon and Charles Westwood who each have over 30 years of industry experience with key players. Jim and Charles continue to work in the company and have built up an established team of 20 oil professionals with global E&P commercial and geo-technical experience with UKCS investment, giving clients access to the top industry expertise.

As a result of this extensive experience and unique intelligence, clients gain valuable insights into the most profitable opportunities on the UKCS – saving thousands of man-hours and maximising investment resource.

Jim Hannon - General Manager

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A Case Study on Using WITSML to Bring Geological Information to Your Desktop
by Samit Sengupta from Geologix

"The overview of opportunities in various territories either present or in the future and understanding better the underlying field data gathered."

Graham Clevett (Cornhill Economics Ltd)


Finding Oil in Central & South America
Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina
London, 28 Oct 2019
£50 + VAT