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Over the last decade, GRL have extensive field experience across the Middle East, including the Zagros, UAE, Oman, and Turkey. In the northern Zagros alone, we have carried out 25 successful field campaigns for 14 companies, covering 40 exploration license blocks over an area of more than 20,000, giving us extensive outcrop experience of Cambrian to Pliocene stratigraphy. We have detailed knowledge of structural style throughout the Middle East, and comprehensive understanding of the interplay between regional geodynamics, trap development, and hydrocarbon systems.

In applying our understanding of surface geology to help our clients interpret the sub-surface, we have completed our outcrop-scale vector-based mapping of the Zagros, and have constructed over 8,000 km of balanced cross-sections across SE Turkey, Iraq, Iran and The Gulf. Our Zagros-related products also include very extensive, detailed quantitative data to characterise fractured reservoirs, to provide robust inputs for our clients' Discrete Fracture Network models.

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