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Exprodat, based in London, provides Geographical Information Service (GIS) consulting and software to the oil and gas industry. Its Team-GIS Acreage Analyst Tool enables oil and gas companies to analyse different acreage (for example, when consider which license blocks to bid for), gathering all the available information into an easy to read map.

Gareth Smith - Managing Director
Gareth Smith is Managing Director of Exprodat Consulting. Prior to Exprodat, Gareth worked for Landmark Graphics as a technical consultant, and for Sun Oil as a Geologist. Gareth has worked in the E&P industry for over 20 years.
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100 years of Exploration in Kurdistan!
by David Bamford from Finding Petroleum

"Good to see how people think they can make money in the North Sea at these prices. Also enjoyed the Kimmeridge and Aurora presentations."

Roger Doery (Consultant)


Opportunities in the Eastern Mediterranean
discoveries offshore Egypt, big interest in Cyprus and developments in Israel, Lebanon
London, 20 Sep 2019