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We understand the increased complexity when large investments, and the attendant risks, are shared amongst several joint venture partners.

We know that project-centric organizations are managing business-critical contracts with binding obligations concerning turnaround times of contractor requests and contractor claims.

Our solutions fit like a glove in environments where contract approvals and significant changes to contracts including scope, contract value and project schedule are governed by External Approval Boards comprising the joint venture stakeholders.

We respect the fact that the frequent interactions between Contractors and Project Owners must be captured in a disciplined, streamlined manner as they may subsequently feature in complex cost recovery exercises.

We design and develop contract management software solutions that support billion dollar projects from initial concept selection through to design, build, operate and decommission. We understand that these solutions must deliver referential points of truth about where responsibility lies amongst the contract stakeholders.

Our software integrates with core ERP, Document Management, Cost Management and project scheduling software.

8over8 is a private company, established in 2000 in the UK. The Company has a global Blue Chip customer base served by our regional offices in North America, Middle East, UK (London and Nth Ireland).


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