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Ruth Lux & Rupert Sutton

Ruth Lux

Ruth Lux is Founder and Managing Director of Strategic Analysis at the Henry Jackson Society and Director of Political Risk. Ruth has developed and managed internal training for the Research Team and production of Strategic Analysis’ Research, Analysis and Consulting client services. She has developed company methodology on assessing risks to the oil and gas sector in the Middle East and North Africa and specialises on the Levant. Prior to establishing Strategic Analysis she worked in the political risk sector on political and violent risk issues in the Levant.

Rupert Sutton

Rupert Sutton holds an MA in Terrorism and Security from King’s College London. He is an analyst at Strategic Analysis at the Henry Jackson Society where he focuses on political, economic and security risks in the Levant region, specifically in Lebanon, Israel and Jordan. He previously worked at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, and is an expert on sectarian conflict, paramilitary militias and Islamist militant groups.


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