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Roger Clark

Took a Combined Honours BSc in Earth Sciences and Physics at Leeds, then did a seismology PhD on the upper mantle structure beneath the British Isles, at Leeds and MOD Blacknest. Following this he spent some years developing and applying, with Graham Stuart, new approaches in processing of land seismic data and operating a small consultancy/contracts group working on a large fraction of all UK land exploration. At the same time he has pursued global seismology interests, especially in the monitoring of underground nuclear explosions. In 1988 a UK University group, organised from Leeds, deployed the first modern seismic station in the former USSR allowed to record nuclear explosions at close (less than 1000-2000 km) range, facilitating a major new area of study which will be pivotal in verifying arms control treaties. Further interest (partly in collaboration with the Applied Mathematics Department), are: computation of synthetic seismograms which allow correct representation of small, complex structures which are important in hydrocarbon and coal exploration; and quantitative analyses of reflected wave amplitudes especially their use to determine attenuation, and their variation with angle of incidence.

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