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Richard Swarbrick

Before founding GeoPressure Technology, Dr Richard Swarbrick completed a PhD in sedimentology/tectonics at Cambridge University, and subsequently worked as a geologist for Mobil for ten years from 1979. During that time he worked in exploration and production assignments in both the UK and USA.

In 1989 he began teaching petroleum geology and related courses at the University of Durham where he continues to be involved in research and teaching.

Between 1994 and 2001, Dr Richard Swarbrick was also the principal investigator of GeoPOP (GEOsciences Project into OverPressure), a multi-disciplinary research group funded by 16 oil/gas companies.

Richard has taught courses in many of oil centres around the world, either as open courses or in-house training companies. He consults widely and continues to present conference papers and publish articles relating to sub-surface pressures.

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John Glass, Cloverfield Consulting Ltd


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