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Jim Lorsong

James has worked in the CCS business since 2005, when he managed subsurface and wells design of offshore EOR plus CO2 storage for BP's DF1 Project in Scotland. Later he managed worldwide appraisal and development of CO2 storage for Hydrogen Energy (a joint venture of BP and Rio Tinto), overseeing projects in the Middle East, North America, Europe and Australia.

His most recent assignment was managing a BP Alternative Energy team developing CO2 storage technology in London and Houston. Prior to DF1, James was Field Development Manager for Clair, Miller, Exploration and Decommissioning in BP's North Sea organisation, preceded by leadership roles in subsurface technology and development of a gas EOR project in Algeria.

Through the 1990s James worked for ARCO in Dallas, with a variety of management and senior technical positions in exploration and production, including projects in miscible gas EOR. Prior to joining ARCO in 1988, he worked in a variety of entrepreneurial and academic roles in petroleum exploration and production as well as mineral exploration for ten years in western Canada, with a concentration on thermal EOR projects.

James holds a BSc from the University of Toronto and a PhD in geology from the University of Cambridge.

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