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Jim House

After a joint degree in Physics & Geology Jim started his career with GSI in the early 1980’s working offshore on seismic vessels. He then spent twenty years with Schlumberger in many roles both in the field and office. While with Schlumberger Jim developed an award winning training program in multi disciple seismic. After leaving Schlumberger Jim set up his own technical training and consulting business and continues to work hands-on in the seismic industry.

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"press the button now" - making decision making easier for crew using advanced mathematical algorithms to process data
by Hannu Rajaniemi from Thinktank Maths

"The subject in my view was a very important one and I have a strong interest in the science of sound technology which is underrated by many. I like what you do."

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Finding Oil in Central & South America
Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina
London, 28 Oct 2019
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