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Ian Jack

During Ian Jack's time in BP he ran the seismic field operations team, the subsurface R&D program, served as an SEG vice president, and inaugurated the SEG's "Distinguished Instructor" program with a 1-day 4D course taught worldwide. BP awarded him their “distinguished advisor” title in 2000, and in this role he initiated the first at-scale “Life of Field” seismic monitoring system which was subsequently installed in the Valhall field. He also initiated developments in land seismic technology which are coming to fruition at the present time. Although now "mostly retired" and quite undistinguished, he consults, does some teaching, and hikes around any convenient mountain range.

Ian is a physicist who strayed into geophysics by attending a job interview with GSI for interview practice, and was unable subsequently to say no to the unexpected job offer. That was in 1968 and he worked as a field engineer, then in data processing and software development before joining BP 10 years later.

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