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Helen Smyth

Following a PhD and Postdoc on Indonesian geology with the SE Asia Research Group at Royal Holloway (2001-2006), Helen joined CASP (formerly Cambridge Arctic Shelf Project). At her time at CASP (2007-2013) Helen worked in a variety of Arctic projects, and successfully led research programmes in the Canadian Arctic and Barents Shelf.
Helen joined Neftex in 2014 as part of a team working on an array of short-to-medium term regional-scale geology projects. During 2015 she has worked as a geoscientist on the Gulf of Mexico, with a focus on the Mexican Burgos and Sabinas basins.
Helen’s research interests include sediment provenance, sedimentation in volcanic settings and the regional geology of Indonesia and the Canadian Arctic. Helen is treasurer of the Petroleum Group Committee of the Geological Society of London and has served on the committee since 2010.
Helen has a BSc in Geology from Queens University of Belfast (2001).

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