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Gary S. Anderson

Gary Anderson's background includes several high-tech business startups, including the founding of AEI, where he served as President and CEO, and the Director of Sales at Vivato. Selling AEI in 2001, he was subsequently nominated by the Bush Administration to serve as the Assistant Secretary for the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. However, after September 11, 2001, he withdrew his nomination and volunteered to assist the Administration in establishing the Transportation Security Administration and the Department for Homeland Security.
Mr. Anderson directed a large international organization while serving as the U.S. Representative to Australia in support of its Bicentennial, where he acted as the only foreign representative on the Australian Bicentennial Committee. He has been featured on regional television and radio programs, and has published articles on Disaster Recovery Planning, Year 2000 mitigation, Computer Security, VIRUS prevention, detection and elimination, in various business and financial management newspapers, magazines and publications.
Mr. Anderson retired from the United States Navy as a senior naval officer, and graduated with honors from Troy State University with a B.S. in Business Administration. Mr. Anderson was a Distinguished Naval Graduate and Honor man of Officer's Candidate School.

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