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Felicia Winter

With a background in potential field data analysis and interpretation gained during various offshore expeditions with the Polar and Marine Research Institute 'Alfred-Wegener-Institute Bremerhaven' (Germany) Felicia has worked the past 5 years in TGS’ Geotechnical Interpretation team, before she joined the Africa and Middle East group. TGS now extensively incorporates gravity and magnetic crustal modelling studies as part of regional seismic interpretation products, assessing new frontiers and survey planning.

As an experienced geoscientist her work focussed on seismic facies and play fairway analyses of 2D and 3D surveys and basin modelling. Including potential field data analyses in any study has the advantage of identifying the tectonic framework in the study area - a necessary step when entering a little explored basin. Thermal modelling is also a crucial component of TGS’ onshore products and well based studies with the objective of a full prospectivity or potential exploration assessment.

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