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Dr David Jackson

David has more than 30 years of experience working in the oil industry, most of it spent in exploration with BP and development/production with Chevron. David graduated in geology at the University of Leicester in 1976, and obtained a PhD at Birmingham University (1979). From 1979-1984 David was a Research Fellow in Hydrogeology followed by a Research Fellowship in Civil Engineering at Birmingham University.
During his time with BP he worked on many petroleum systems including the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico, SE Asia and W Africa. In Chevron, before joining the global reservoir asset management team, his major projects included the geosteering of extended reach horizontal wells in the Alba Field up to its plateau production in the late 90s, and from 2000-2006 he worked on the Greater Burgan Field in Kuwait where he led a subsurface team responsible for the reservoir management involving the drilling of over 140 wells in an attempt to increase production after the ravages of the Iraq invasion in the early 90s. In 2008 David joined ARKeX as VP of their Interpretation Services, and this year he joined Dolphin Geophysical as Global Manager Multi-Client New Ventures.

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