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David Rensin

Dave started his career designing and developing software applications and information systems to carry sensitive data over both wired and wireless networks for clients such as the U.S. Army, the Treasury Department, the Secret Service, and the National Guard Bureau. For his work, Dave received a civilian commendation from the U.S. Army.
In 1997, Dave founded one of the first business divisions in the U.S. to develop custom applications for the Palm. His success at developing a solution for synching data between handheld devices and corporate back-end systems led to the creation of RiverBed Technologies in 1998. Riverbed's Scout™ software was eventually licensed to nearly every major manufacturer of handheld devices in the world. In 2000, Dave was named a Mobile Innovator of the Year by Mobile Computing Magazine.
In 2000, Riverbed was acquired by Aether Systems for over $1 billion. Dave then joined Omnisky as Chief Product Officer, where he designed and built the company's products to provide wireless e-mail and Internet services to mobile devices. The Omnisky service offering received an Editor's Choice award from PC Magazine.
In 2003, Dave struck out on his own and co-founded Reality Mobile. Today, Dave continues to provide vision and planning for deploying cutting-edge mobile computing products to solve real-world problems acutely felt by Reality Mobile’s customers.

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