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David Contreras

David Contreras is currently the Regional Data Sales Manager for the EAME and NASA regions at Polarcus. With 9 years of full exposure to the Upstream business in a supermajor (Total) and now in the seismic sector, he has extensive experience in providing clients with robust geoscience and business advice to unlock the hydrocarbon potential of
mature and frontier basins.

He has worked in play-based New Ventures opportunities in the entire Atlantic Margin, the North Sea, the Eastern Mediterranean, East Africa & the Middle East. He’s responsible from all the Sales and Marketing activities of Polarcus multi-client library in the Western Hemisphere, to obtain industry pre-funding for new 3D Multi-clients projects in the pipeline and to advance the Green Agenda of the company with key accounts. He holds a Geophysical Engineering Degree and MSc in Petroleum Geology.

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