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Andrew McGinn

Andy McGinn is considered to be a highly competent geophysicist with vision, drive and good business & leadership skills. His passion for geophysics started to broaden after 2006 to encompass upstream technologies in general. Over the last eight years he successfully managed the implementation and replication of new technology, whether developed by Shell or 3rd parties, into the upstream business to address challenges or opportunities and demonstrably contribute to profits.

Andy McGinn joined Shell at their Rijswijk R&D facility in the Netherlands in 1980, after obtaining a BSc and PhD from Southampton University, both in Mathematics. After a couple of years as a research mathematician, he moved into geophysics R&D and then seismic processing and operations during postings to Norway, Brunei and the Hague. His final conventional geophysical job was in PDO, Oman from 1996 – 2002, where he was the Chief Geophysicist. After Oman he returned to the Hague initially as a Smart Fields consultant, then managing reservoir surveillance R&D before leading a reservoir surveillance global deployment team. In 2009 he was selected to be the Global Manager, Upstream Technology Deployment, a position he held until his retirement from Shell in March 2018.

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